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Gravel block


Pietra naturale

GravelBLOCK™ Part of a natural porous paving system, just add gravel to the interlocking panels of hexagon cells and you have an eco-friendly surface that costs less than asphalt, concrete, or block pavers.


1. Stabilize gravel
Gravel stays put, no ruts, no sinking, no problems.

2. Environmentally Green
Eco-friendly porous paving allows the rain to drain over entire surface.

3. It’s Beautiful
A pea gravel walkway or gravel driveway offers stunning curb appeal.

4. Low Cost
This permeable paving costs less than asphalt, concrete, or block pavers.

5. Easy to install
Simple installation in just four easy steps, make fore quick installations.

  • Super strong. Enhanced load bearing causes no rutting, separating or sliding with vehicle traffic.
  • Address a wide range of erosion control, earth retention, slope protection, and stability issues.
  • Keep costs low with easy maintenance and use less gravel, since the gravel won’t move around.
  • Used in ADA-compliant surfaces for pedestrians, bicycles, & wheelchair traffic.
  • Geotextile backing underneath prevents weed growth and adds to stability. When filled, the product is practically invisible.
  • Easily add parking lines and edge indicators with GravelBLOCK™ and glowin-the-dark marking caps.
  • Used in SUDS and LEED compliant paving installations. Lightweight and super strong from superior design Top view Geotextile backing

GravelBLOCK™ Gravel Stabilizer panels are ideal for use in hardscapes, waterscapes, or various landscapes locations using gravel or other aggregates. Ideal for many - commercial - and residential - applications utilized by pedestrians, cars, trucks and Equestrian Courtyards Parks & Gardens Garden Paths Waterscapes Camper parking Parks & Fields.
2) Viali privati
3) Cortili e molto trafficate
4) Parchi e giardini
5) Campi da gioco
6) Percorsi da golf
7) Fondi equestri
8) Aree con elevata pendenza e molto trafficate
9) Aree commerciali
10) Percorsi ciclabili/ pedonali
Ideali per numerose applicazioni commerciali e residenziali utilizzate da pedoni, autoveicoli, automezzi pesanti e altri veicoli.


1. Base preparation
For subgrade or base preparation, level and clear the area of large objects such as rocks, or pieces of wood.
Excavate area allowing for unit thickness and top layer.
Leave 40 mm (2.0 inches) for GravelBLOCK™ 42-30.
For subgrade soil compaction a vibratory plate, compactor, or roller is recommended.

2. Place the panels
Position the panels on the prepared subgrade with geotextile face down.
Cut to shape with pruning shears or a utility knife. Use protective gloves to avoid abrasions.
Top of hexagon cell panels should be 1 cm below adjacent hard surfaced pavements or final grade. Place first row of panels against a stationary edge if possible.
Stagger panels in a bricklayer pattern.
The panels have interlocking connectors, however most installations do not require them to be used.
Only in areas with greater traffic or steeper grade are they used to lock one direction or both directions.
No anchors are needed for gravel stabilizer panels since the geotextile backing prevents any push up.

3. Fill the cells
Infill gravel or aggregate into the hexagon cells by hand, or by ‘back dumping’ directly from a truck.
Trucks should be careful to avoid sharp turns on unfilled panels.
Preferably the truck would dump gravel first on the edge of the installation area, then working inward, therefore only driving on filled cells.
Gravel can be spread by hand with flat shovels, asphalt or tarmac rakes, blades, or stiff brooms.
A power broom may spread the gravel faster.

4. Smooth surface
Level gravel or aggregate to cover GravelBLOCK™ gravel stabilizer panels by 1 cm (0.4 inches) so the panels are just out of sight.
This allows for aesthetics, stability and protection.
Optionally, a vibratory plate, compactor, or roller can be used to set the gravel into the cells.


Our high standards produce world-class products.
Material: Recyclable Virgin Polypropylene (PP)
Standard Color: Milky-white
UV & Chemical Resistance: Excellent