SRI ≥ 86 solar reflectance index

BAGALEED® is available in several sizes of stone veneer floorings. Please, contact the office for
further informations.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

It’s a rating-based system for environmental and energetical quality that rewards design and building choices for higher performances ‘green’ buildings.

What is LEED® rating

The system is based on credits for each building sustainability features.
The sum of credits determines the level of certification obtained.


Own characteristics of reflectance (SRI = solar Reflectance index) such as to reduce the “heat island effect” (the thermic gradient difference between urban and green areas) and to minimize impact on human and animal microclimate and habitat.
SRI ≥ 86 (LEED® SS Credit 7.2).
BAGALEED® finishing allows to  lower floor heating for ground, terrace or roof surfaces reducing the effects on the environment.

Energy Savings

The decrease in surface temperatures of sunlight exposed areas made with BAGALEED® allows to lower the cost of cooling of buildings indoor environments.


Fixed height pedestals
h 12 or 35 mm
Fixed height pedestals
Adjustable height pedestals
10-15 mm
Adjustable height pedestals
Aluminium joist
Aluminium joist
Adjustable pedestals with fixed or self-leveling head
h 25-550 mm
Adjustable pedestals with fixed or self-leveling head Adjustable pedestals with fixed or self-leveling head